What was previously exhibited in April 2017?

In April 2017, Council exhibited a planning proposal, development application and draft Voluntary Planning Agreement for the site.

The Development Application (DA 877/2016) comprises four mixed use buildings to be built on a podium and includes:

  • 471 residential units

  • 794 parking spaces

  • 7,054sqm retail and commercial tenancies

  • 4,426sqm Council administration building

What is the status of the other documents that were exhibited in April 2017?

The Development Application (DA 877/2016) and submissions received during the exhibition in April 2017 are currently being assessed separately by an independent planning consultancy.

On 25 July 2017, Council considered all the submissions relating to the planning proposal and the draft Voluntary Planning Agreement. At the meeting, Council proposed changes to the planning proposal and resolved to exhibit the revised planning proposal for the site.

Please note that Council cannot issue the development consent and will not enter into the draft Voluntary Planning Agreement until the revised planning proposal is adopted by Council and approved by the NSW Minister for Planning (or delegate).

I made a submission to the previous exhibition, should I make another submission?

Submissions received relevant to the planning proposal and the draft voluntary planning agreement during the exhibition held in April 2017 were considered at the Council Meeting on 25 July 2017.  A copy of the Council Report for the Council Meeting held on 25 July 2017 can be found in the Document Library.

If you wish to make a further submission, it will be considered as part of this exhibition.