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Celebrating Biodiversity in CBCity

In order to promote Biodiversity in your own backyard or balcony Council is providing a limited supply of free native plants delivered to your front door as part of a contact-free delivery service. The native plants have been made available as part of Council’s annual plant giveaway program that sees thousands of seedlings distributed to residents and schools to help our community create habitat for local wildlife.

Native plants are a good choice in gardens as they use less water than many non-natives and establish quickly. They are also great at attracting native animals and insects back into our area by providing shelter and food. For this special giveaway event a selection of native trees, shrubs, grasses and groundcovers seedlings, grown from locally-collected seeds, will be available for home delivery. Simply pick the pack that best suits your needs.

Plant packs available

Due to popular demand, we have now exhausted this years allocation of plants, more plants will be available in Autumn, 2021. For more information on Native Plants visit: http://nativeplants.cbcity.nsw.gov.au.