Consultation has concluded

Prepared by the Greater Sydney Commission, the Greater Sydney Region Plan (draft) has a vision for a metropolis of three cities that would be achieved by collaborations between all tiers of government, and between governments and key stakeholders including the community, interest groups, businesses, industry groups and non-government organisations. The three cities have their own opportunities and challenges as follows:

  • The Western Parkland City with the Western Sydney Airport and Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis as a catalyst for the city cluster will grow a strong trade, logistics, advanced manufacturing, health, education and science economy and be the most connected place in Australia. It will produce knowledge-intensive jobs close to new well-designed neighbourhoods. Liveability for residents will be key, such as more trees to provide shade and shelter and walkable neighbourhoods within easy reach of shops and services.
  • The Central River City will capitalise on its location in the centre of Greater Sydney and with enhanced radial transport links will continue developing its world-class health, education and research institutions as well as its finance, business services and administration sectors to drive the economy. High quality urban renewal and new neighbourhoods will be matched with quality public places, green spaces and infrastructure to attract skilled workers and top 100 businesses.
  • The Eastern Harbour City will build on its credentials and leverage its strong financial, professional, health and education sectors and extend its capabilities with an innovation precinct that will boost productivity and global connections. Large and small scale urban renewal will acknowledge local identity, amenity and the famous Harbour and coastal setting.

This draft Plan is built on a vision where the people of Greater Sydney live within 30 minutes of their jobs, education and health facilities, services and great places and is informed by the 10 Directions in Directions for a Greater Sydney which establish the aspirations for the region over the next 40 years and are a core component of the vision and a measure of the Plan's performance. Bankstown CBD is a strategic centre within this plan and will be a focus for education and health activities.

Next Steps:

We will advocate for a better deal for our City in the formal submission from Council.

To view more information on the Greater Sydney Commission's draft Greater Sydney Regional Plan and make a submission CLICK HERE.