CBCity is an incredibly diverse place, with a broad range of cultures, languages, abilities, and Aboriginal heritage represented here.

In our City there are around 200 languages spoken. 44 per cent of our population was born in another country, and 60 per cent speak a language other than English at home. With an estimated population of around 374,000 people, our City is made up of many different communities.

It takes effort and expertise to meaningfully reach out and engage such a range of communities. Tailoring our outreach and engagement methods to suit the needs of each community means we can more effectively involve people in decisions that affect their lives.

The ‘Our Diverse City’ toolkit was created by the Community Engagement team with support from a range of other areas of Council, with a goal of enhancing outreach and engagement with our community. It is a living and regularly updated guideline for Council, responding to the everchanging cultural and demographic landscape of our City.

While this toolkit just scratches the surface of the diverse range of identities in CBCity, with the information, tools and further reading provided in the toolkit, we can be better equipped to involve more of our community in meaningful ways.

More information about these tools

To request a hard copy of the toolkit or to suggest improvements, call 02 9707 9771 or email haveyoursay@cbcity.nsw.gov.au.