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Canterbury Bankstown is not immune to pressures facing cities around the world such as a growing population, rising expectations for service delivery, and rapidly advancing technologies that shift societal demands for service provision. Activated Data will allow us to be nimble in how we respond to these challenges.

Following an extensive consultation period with community and leading data experts, Council has developed its Activated Data Roadmap. Based on community needs, we identified priority areas where Activated Data can have the most impact and have devised actions to pursue these in the Roadmap. This is your opportunity to provide feedback on how we will Activate Data to create tangible, positive benefits for the community.

This proposal

Our City’s population is growing and we are seeing a rapid rate of urban development. To provide high quality services that address the needs of the wider community, Council is pursuing innovative means of creating a better and brighter future for all members of the community by leveraging the power of data and technology. The Activating Data Roadmap will act as a guiding document to lead us through that journey.

The process of activating data involves transforming raw data into understandable information in order to improve the delivery of Council’s services, and support better decision-making.

The Roadmap will set a vision for the activation of data in the City of Canterbury Bankstown. It will propose prioritised opportunities for activated data, and outline steps to achieve them.

To provide solutions that best meet community needs, Council wants your input into ways in which data can help support our services to you.

Activated Data is critical to supporting our Smart CBCity Roadmap and Council’s goal of being a prosperous and innovative city that supports investment, creativity and Smart opportunities.

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Thank you for your interest in this exhibition. Submissions are now closed. All feedback and comments received will be reviewed and considered by Council.

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