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Council has been successful in receiving much needed funds under the Safer Speeds in High Pedestrian Activity and Local Areas Program for 2020-21. Council proposes to use this money towards mitigating several safety issues in the Belmore Town Centre.

The Safer Speeds Program specifically targets High Pedestrian Activity and local areas where crashes occur, with funding introduced as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to reduce accidents on local roads. Programs of this sort are very effective, by implementing relatively minor road improvements, we can save the community a greater cost burden.

This proposal

The proposed devices are shown on the attached plan CBC01158.

The locations of the proposed devices are:

  1. Burwood Road between Station Road and Reginald Avenue:
    • Three (3) raised thresholds at:
      • south of Station Road
      • mid-block between Bridge Road and Collins Street
      • 65 metres south of Leylands Parade
    • Two (2) raised pedestrian crossings, at north of Redman Parade and south of Bridge Road
  2. Bridge Road between Burwood Road and Marie Street
    • Two (2) raised thresholds, west of exit driveway of Canterbury Leagues Club and east of entry driveway of Canterbury Leagues Club
  3. Redman Parade at Burwood Road
    • Modifications to the existing pedestrian crossing
  4. Dean Avenue at Burwood Road
    • One (1) at-grade threshold
  5. Collins Street at Burwood Road
    • One (1) at-grade threshold

In addition, ‘continuous footpath’ treatments, subject to TfNSW approval, are also considered across the entry driveway of Canterbury Leagues Club and Paragon Lane to enhance priority for pedestrians.

The designs require No Stopping zones to be installed in line with Australian Standards and Transport for NSW (TfNSW) Technical Guidelines, with some loss of on-street parking: six (6) parking spaces in Burwood Road and one (1) taxi space in Bridge Road.

The above devices are designed to reduce the speed limit in the town centre to 40 kilometres per hour and improve pedestrian safety.

Belmore Town Centre Consultation Plan

Belmore Town Centre High Pedestrian Area

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