Consultation has concluded


Council has received representations on behalf of residents in Clemton Park Village raising concerns about safety for pedestrians, particularly on Mackinder Street, due to the high volumes of traffic travelling through the precinct.

Motorists are using Troy Street and Mackinder Street as a bypass for Charlotte Street to access either Alfred Street or Canterbury Road.

The No Entry sign to Troy Street at the intersection with Sunbeam Street and Mackinder Street is also being ignored by motorists.

Pedestrian and road safety within the residential centre is a key priority, however has been reduced as a result of the increase in traffic volumes travelling through Clemton Park Village and motorists performing illegal movements.

Council commissioned a traffic study of the area which was undertaken by a Traffic Consultant. The sections below detail the recommended changes in the area which aim to improve amenity and safety for residents, the community and motorists using our local streets:

  • Closure of Sunbeam Street between Troy and Mackinder Streets;
  • One-way Section and Additional Parking Spaces; and
  • U-turn Facility

Proposed Changes

The feedback period for this community consultation for the Closure of Sunbeam Street, Campsie was closed on Wednesday 29 July, 2020.

This matter will be discussed at a future Traffic Committee Meeting.

Thank you to all those who have provided their feedback. Submissions are now closed and under review with Council.

If you have any enquiries about this exhibition, please contact Council’s Traffic Engineer, Catherine on 9707 9773 or alternatively the Community Engagement Team on 9707 9602.