Consultation has concluded

Council has prepared a draft Deepwater Park and Kelso Parklands Plan of Management, to guide future uses for and management of:

  • Deepwater Park;
  • Kelso Park (north and south);
  • Marco Reserve;
  • Kelso Beach Reserve;
  • Killara Reserve; and
  • Horsley Reserve.

This extensive site has a large number and variety of uses, including:

  • Sporting fields;
  • Riverside parkland;
  • Significant bushland;
  • Playgrounds;
  • Commercial uses;
  • Bicycle paths; and
  • Barbeque areas.

This plan provides direction for future development and permissible uses across the site and aims to:

  • Maximise opportunities for sustainable, long-term management of the community land;
  • Manage the bushland for its ecological, aesthetic, recreational, educational and scientific values;
  • Be consistent with Council’s plans and strategies and guide future works;
  • Maximise the passive and active recreational opportunities;
  • Respond to current needs and opportunities as well as providing future direction; and
  • Guide future leasing and licensing of the community land.

Community land

Council is required to allocate all community land with a land-use category being park, sportsground, natural area, general community use or cultural significance. This plan has reviewed and amended these categories to reflect the current and proposed future land uses. Thank you to all those who attended public hearing which discussed all changes of categories to community land.

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Thank you to all those who came to our pop-up information sessions to discuss this initiative with us. The final report has been adopted by Council.


Deepwater Park and Kelso Parklands Survey

Consultation has concluded


Registration: Deepwater Park and Kelso Parkland Community Briefing

Consultation has concluded