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At the 3 August 2020 meeting, the Local Planning Panel considered a development application (DA 960/2019) to extend an existing commercial building at 60 Kitchener Parade, Bankstown.

The proposed extension involved the conversion of an outdoor terrace area into 70m2 of additional floor space however, the increased floor space required two additional off–street parking spaces to be provided on the site. As it is not possible to accommodate these two spaces on the site, the applicant has the option to address this shortfall through a monetary contribution via a planning agreement.

The Local Planning Panel therefore approved the development application on a deferred commencement basis, subject to the applicant and Council reaching an agreement on the monetary contribution required to be paid in–lieu of providing two off–street parking spaces.

This proposal

Council invites you to have your say on the draft Planning Agreement that applies to the property at 60 Kitchener Parade in Bankstown between Council and ZKFK Pty Limited (as trustee for the ZKFK Unit Trust).

The Draft Planning Agreement is consistent with the development consent, parking provisions in accordance with the Bankstown Development Control Plan 2015 and Council’s Planning Agreement Policy.

How to have your say

Thank you for your interest in this exhibition. Submissions are now closed. All feedback and comments received will be reviewed and considered by Council.