Consultation has concluded

The section of Chapel Street that divides the suburb of Lakemba (to the West) and Belmore (to the East) is approximately 230 metres in length.

Ongoing urban infill along the current road has resulted in the creation of a convoluted house numbering series, which currently ranges from 1A through to 1K and 2A though to 2G. The ongoing likely development along the existing street could see the numbering expand to a series of property addresses ranging from 1A through to 1Y.

This section of the street cannot be assigned logical street numbers because the street numbering is in the opposite direction to the established range street address numbers.

The current property numbering has resulted in some complexity for the property owners, residents, Australia Post and emergency services, and Council has received numerous requests from concerned residents regarding the current numbering issues.

Currently there are Four Torrens Title properties and 4 strata title units addressed to the section of Chapel Street:

  1. 1K Chapel Street, Lakemba
  2. 1J Chapel Street, Lakemba
  3. 1H Chapel Street, Lakemba
  4. 2B Chapel Street, Lakemba (4 Strata Units)
  5. 2C Chapel Street, Belmore

There are a number of properties addressed to Moreton Street, Lakemba that have rear access to their properties from this section of Chapel Street. All of these properties could potentially be developed requesting an address to this section of Chapel Street.

There are a further four properties on the eastern side of Chapel Street that may require future Street addressing to this section of Chapel Street. These properties are:

  1. 110-110A Leylands Parade Belmore
  2. 46 York Street, Belmore
  3. 49 York Street, Belmore, and
  4. 47 Chalmers Street, Belmore.

Given the issue, it is proposed that a section of Chapel Street be renamed to alleviate the issues raised above and to conform with the GNB’s numbering convention.