Consultation has concluded

At the Ordinary Meeting on April 30 2019, Council resolved to exhibit a Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) for a Development Application (DA 562/2017) at 280 Chapel Road in Bankstown.

Why is Council proposing to enter into a VPA with the Applicant?

The intended outcome of the draft VPA is to make a monetary contribution in–lieu of providing the required seven (7) off–street parking spaces. This is consistent with Council’s Voluntary Planning Agreements Policy and the provisions of Bankstown Development Control 2005 (Part B5–Parking). The monetary contribution would be used for the provision of public car parking consistent with the Bankstown CBD Car Parking Strategy.

Has the Development Application (DA 562/2017) been notified?

The Development Application (DA 562/2017) propose demolition of the existing building and construction of a three storey mixed commercial-residential building. It was notified for public comments for 21 days from July 12 2017.

On May 7 2018, the Local Planning Panel approved a deferred commencement development consent, which required the Applicant to enter into a VPA and pay monetary contribution in–lieu of providing seven (7) off-site parking spaces. A copy of the assessment report and minutes from the Local Planning Panel meeting can be viewed here.

Is the VPA consistent with Council’s Voluntary Planning Agreements Policy?

Council adopted a Voluntary Planning Agreements Policy in 2007, which icludes a provision for paying a monetary contribution to Council in lieu of providing on–site car parking for certain development applications within the Bankstown CBD. The provision applies to those sites, where provision of on–site car parking is not feasible due to some site specific conditions. A contribution applies to each car space that is required to be provided on-site according to Part D8 of the Bankstown DCP 2005.

The contribution will be directed to the construction of centralised car parking facilities at strategic sites identified in Council’s CBD Car Parking Strategy.

The use of monetary contributions to offset car parking for new development applications meets Council’s strategic objectives to promote and enhance a more flexible development contributions system; to adopt innovative and flexible approaches to the provision of infrastructure; and ensure certainty for the community, developers and Council that development outcomes can be achieved. The VPA and the Explanatory Note further details Council’s obligations in relation to entering into a VPA with the Applicant.

The exhibition period

The draft VPA and Explanatory Note will be on public exhibition from May 14 to June 12 2019 and can be viewed at:

  • Council’s Bankstown Customer Service Centre, 66–72 Rickard Road, Bankstown (8.30am–5pm, weekdays except public holidays); or
  • Online download found here.

Have your say

Thank you to all those who have provided submissions. The final report has been adopted by Council with adjustments to be made as required for execution.


Survey - 280 Chapel Road VPA

Consultation has concluded