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The Ewen Park Public artwork project aims to provide artwork that will complement the new Lang Road Bridge and Outdoor Education Meeting space projects. The artwork will integrate into the overall landscape and site, and provide our community and visitors with a vibrant and engaging public space.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, face-to-face engagement is on hold. We invite you to have your say by submitting your feedback or attending an online webinar.

This proposal

The concept design has been prepared by artist Graham Chalcroft revolving around the theme of water quality testing and the micro-organisms that exist in the Cooks River. The concept involves two artwork installations close to Lang Road Bridge, as shown in the map below. Please click on the interactive map to find out more about the artwork.

Council is seeking feedback from the community to have their say on the artwork on this page or to attend an online event with the artist.

Ewen Park Map

Theme: Water Quality and Ecology of the Cooks River


The two artworks explore Cooks River ecology and water quality from different monitoring measurement systems.

The artwork installations proposed are:

Site 1: The "HIDDEN WORLD" ART INSTALLATION interprets and explores the earliest forms of photosynthesising life that evolved into all plant life. Benthic diatoms, the rivers' primary producers, are sampled and counted at test sites to understand the ecological health of the water. Diatoms are indicators sensitive to nutrient and salinity pollution in waterways.

Site 2: The PH INDICATOR ART INSTALLATION is an artworks interpretation the testing of the Cooks River pH levels. Water quality measurement is important for assessing the baseline water quality of the Cooks River. Over time, these parameters can show trends in changes to the water’s physical and chemical parameters which may be attributed directly to such things as pollution, nutrient enrichment, heavy rainfall and droughts.

Information Session

How to have your say

Thank you for your interest in this exhibition. Submissions are now closed. All feedback and comments received will be reviewed and considered by Council.