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The Member for Banks, The Hon. David Coleman, is the only local sitting Member of Parliament from the Liberal Party, with direct influence on the current Government and how it operates.

This is important because it is his Government that has ripped almost $13m from our community since 2014. In 2018/19, we will have lost $3.4m. The Financial Assistance Grant funding is used by councils across Australia, to deliver projects which help to continue to meet the growing needs of their communities. Such cuts have a significant impact on what our Council can commit to each year.

The City of Canterbury Bankstown asks for your assistance in bringing this matter to the attention of Mr Coleman and the current Government, by calling for the reinstatement of the Financial Assistance Grant funding, in full, to Canterbury-Bankstown. Unfortunately, Council is being forced to take this action because, to date, Mr Coleman has ignored our requests to advocate on behalf of our City, on this issue.

We encourage you to fill out the short survey below because, together, we can win this battle for our great City.

Fund cut survey

Fund Cut Survey

Consultation has concluded.