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Share what "Grow" means to you"

Submit your ideas about plants in your culture to help shape the design of the mural


A footpath mural is being planned for the diagonal footpath in Jubilee Reserve, Lakemba. The mural will capture the identity of the diverse community under the theme, “grow”.

Council is seeking ideas from the community, particularly from families and children, to inspire a public artwork that is beautiful and interesting.

Lakemba residents are particularly encouraged to have their say on this page or attend an in-person workshop. The mural will be installed by winter / spring.

Jubilee Reserve, Lakemba

Jubilee Reserve, Lakemba

Have Your Say

Council is gathering ideas to develop the mural’s theme of “grow”.

This can include: images, words, stories, proverbs or poems.

For example, you can submit photos of a culturally significant plant, the name of a significant flower to your family or heritage in your native language, or personal and/or cultural stories that relate to the theme “grow”.

These ideas will be translated artistically into the mural.

Further information

The theme “grow” is connected to this project in two ways. Firstly, it is connected to the community garden at Jubilee Reserve. It is also related to having cultural roots. Lakemba is a culturally diverse community and those cultural roots should be acknowledged and celebrated.

The project’s aims are linked to the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) Destinations: Liveable & Distinctive; and Prosperous & Innovative. Additionally, it is linked to other Council strategic documents including the Youth Action Plan: Objective 2.1 Create Welcoming an Inclusive Spaces, as an opportunity for meaningful engagement with youth to collaborate and improve an existing youth recreation area.

CBCity 2028 Destinations

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Prosperous and Innovative

Prosperous and Innovative

A smart and evolving city with exciting opportunities for investment and creativity.

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Liveable and Distinctive

Liveable and Distinctive

A well designed, attractive city which preserves the identity and character of local villages.

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