Consultation has concluded

Council resolved to exhibit draft housekeeping amendments to Bankstown DCP 2015 and Canterbury DCP 2012. Council is extending the exhibition to allow more people to comment.

The intended outcome of the draft changes to the DCPs is to continue to:

  • Streamline the development assessment process by ensuring the DCPs are consistent with recent changes to the Environmental Planning Assessment Act 1979 and certain state environmental planning policies.
  • Continue to deliver high quality development consistent with current best practice and market trends.
  • Align some key controls from the Canterbury DCP with those in Bankstown DCP.

The key draft changes to the Bankstown DCP 2015 relate to:

Key draft changes to the Bankstown DCP 2015

Development controls
Summary of key draft housekeeping Amendments to Bankstown DCP 2015
Off-street parking
Update the off-street parking requirements for boarding houses and child care centres to be consistent with changes to state environmental planning policies.
Dwelling Houses on battle axe lots
Reinstate a provision from the former Bankstown Council’s LEP to ensure battle-axe lots are of sufficient size to accommodate dwelling houses.

Secondary dwellings
Introduce a minimum lot size of 450m2 for secondary dwellings in the R2 Low Density Residential zone.

Key draft changes to the Canterbury DCP 2012

Development controls
Summary of key draft housekeeping amendments to Canterbury DCP 2012
Solar access for residential development
Align solar access controls with those in Bankstown DCP for consistency purpose.
Parking rates for medical centres
Introduce parking rates for medical centres so that they align with those in the Bankstown DCP.
Mixed used development and shop top housing
Clarification of controls that apply to mixed use developments and shop top housing.

Setbacks for B5 and B6 zones
i. Remove an anomaly relating to front setbacks applying to B2 and B5 zoned land along Canterbury Road.
ii. Introduce additional secondary setback controls for B2, B5 and B6 zoned land to address streetscape impact.

Site frontage for land along Canterbury Road
iii. Clarification and amendment to a control relating to minimum site frontage for B5 zoned land along Canterbury Road.
Clarification of this control to remove reference to a council resolution not supported by the DPE and to amend this control to require a minimum frontage of 30m frontage to apply to land along Canterbury Road.
Setbacks for shop top housing
v. Clarification of setback controls for B5 zone in the shop top housing Chapter C5 by deleting reference to the residential component as this setback should apply to all developments in the B5 zone.

The draft changes will also be on public exhibition from Tuesday 26 March to Friday 26 April 2019, at the Bankstown and Campsie Customer Service Centres from Monday to Friday, 9am -5pm (public holidays excepted) and online here.

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Thank you to all those who have provided submissions. The final report has been adopted by Council.


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