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Consultation has concluded


We are excited to announce that we are delivering the first stage of the Reimagining Kelso Masterplan, which was officially endorsed by Council in 2022 and received very positive feedback from our community. The first stage of the Masterplan is the construction of the Community Recycling Centre (CRC), which will be the only facility of its kind in the area. This CRC will allow all residents to drop off problem waste free of charge, which often cannot be disposed of, in their red and yellow bins or bulky waste clean ups.

Council sees great value in recycling and the circular economy. This project is also a part of the Clean and Green Strategic initiative and will help to contribute to a cleaner environment for the future of our City.

This proposal

The CRC will accept a range of materials that can be hard to dispose of, including paints, car and household batteries, motor and other oils, gas bottles (LPG and other types), fire extinguishers, fluorescent light globes and smoke detectors and more. For more information, see below.

The primary aim of the Kelso CRC is to make it easier for residents to safely dispose of materials that can be hazardous to the environment and to public health. The CRC will then store these materials safely until they are collected by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) contractors.

The design of the CRC will be innovative, creative and will focus on efficient processes. It will be flexible, adaptable and allow for future growth. There is a strong emphasis on sustainability and the building design will utilise a number of recycled materials available on site.

View the draft images and floorplan of the CRC and let us know what you think of the project below.

Site plan

Floor plan

Floor plan

Examples of how recycled and reused materials will be used in the CRC building

  • Gas bottles such as cylinders and fire extinguishers;
  • E waste such as TVs, computers, cords and peripheral devices;
  • Used fluorescent light globes and tubes;
  • Used light globes;
  • Household and lithium batteries;
  • Car batteries;
  • Printer ink cartridges;
  • Paint (water and oil based);
  • Oils such as cooking oil and motor oil;
  • Scrap metal in small quantities;
  • Soft plastics, including plastic bags;
  • Hard plastics such as old bottles, lids and tops;
  • Polystyrene packaging;
  • Cardboard packaging;
  • Smoke detectors;
  • Mobile phones;
  • X-rays;
  • Coffee pods; and
  • Blister-packs.

Talk to the team

If you would like to speak with a project officer, community information sessions will be hosted on:


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Friday 17 November 2023 - Wednesday 14 February 2024

    Exhibition Period

    This consultation is open for contributions.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Wednesday 14 February 2024 05:00 pm


    Contributions to this exhibition are closed, reviewed and reported back to the project team.

  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete

    Building construction commences

    Mid 2026 (estimate pending DDA approval)

  • Timeline item 4 - incomplete

    Construction completed

    February 2027 (estimate pending DDA approval)

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Who's listening

If you have questions or want to learn more about the project, please contact the Council officers listed below.

In writing

By post to Mr Matthew Stewart, CEO, City of Canterbury Bankstown PO Box 8, Bankstown NSW 1885



Senior Architect Project Manager WestInvest

The City of Canterbury Bankstown
Phone: 02 9707 5432



Community Engagement Officer

The City of Canterbury Bankstown
Phone: 9707 9578

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