As part of the early engagement for the Belmore Master Plan, Council is inviting large landholders and community members to share their vision to help shape the future of the centre.

This is an idea-generating process, with the intention to discover innovative concepts for the centre that produce good growth outcomes.

Large landholders are invited to submit a vision for their site to contribute to the renewal and revitalisation of Belmore. Community members are invited to submit a vision for the whole centre that plans for growth and responds to the Planning Priorities for Belmore.

Download the information and guidance pack below to learn more and understand the process ahead of submitting.

Submitters will have to meet the following criteria in order to be considered:

Landholder submitters must: Community submitters must:
  • Own a property over 1,500sqm wholly or partly in the Master Plan Study Area;
  • Identify who owns the sites subject to the visioning application, including ownership agreements (i.e. an options agreement)
  • Address all the items stipulated in the information package; and
  • Stipulate if a planning proposal or recent development application has been submitted for the subject site.

  • Submit a vision for the centre as a whole;
  • Address all the items stipulated in the information package;
  • Identify any properties or businesses owned by the submitter/s;
  • Stipulate who the vision is submitted by or on behalf of; and
  • Live, work or own a business within the Master Plan Study Area.