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Alcohol Free Zones (AFZs) are established in public roads, footpaths and car parks, where the consumption of alcohol is prohibited. AFZs within Canterbury-Bankstown are reviewed every four years.

Alcohol Prohibited Areas (AFAs) are established in public places, or part of a public place and include parks or reserves, or other public space that has been established by Council where the consumption of alcohol is prohibited. While APAs do not have a maximum duration date, we will review them on the same schedule as AFZs.

The establishment of AFZs and APAs will assist with:

  • Discouraging anti-social behaviour and social disturbances related to the consumption of alcohol in public spaces;
  • Deterring irresponsible street drinking to incidents involving serious crime through prevention techniques; and
  • Encouraging safe, healthy and welcoming alcohol-free public spaces and environments.

Location of proposed Alcohol Free Zone and Alcohol Prohibited Areas within Canterbury Bankstown LGA

Current locations can be seen in the map below or in the document provided. For each zone or area there may be multiple signs placed to ensure the community are aware of the restrictions.


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Wednesday 7 June 2023 - Friday 7 July 2023 5:00PM

    Exhibition Period

    This consultation is open for contributions.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Friday 7 July 2023 5:00PM


    Contributions to this exhibition are closed, reviewed and reported back to the project team.

  • Timeline item 3 - active

    Report to Council

    The proposed Alcohol-Free Zones and Alcohol Prohibited Areas was adopted by Council at the 25 July 2023 Ordinary Meeting. See Agenda/Minutes, Item 8.2.

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