Consultation has concluded

In 2014, Bankstown City Council adopted an Open Space Strategic Plan to help guide key recreation and open space strategic priorities for the City. A key recommendation of the Plan was to develop a "dogs in public reserves strategy". As a result, the Paws in the Park, Off Leash Dog Plan was created and adopted but council in 2015. The purpose of the plan is to support the needs of non-dog owners and dog-owners, to improve public safety and to enhance the recreation experience at Council parks and reserves.

Community engagement was undertaken as part of the preparation and adoption of the Paws in the Park, Off Leash Dog Plan. The Plan identified and shortlisted four sites as the most appropriate to meet the assessment and design criteria outlined for dog off leash areas in Bankstown, one of the sites identified was Virginius Reserve.

The Community Engagement Team are currently working on compiling the feedback received by residents from the two information sessions held at Virginius Reserve with Council Staff on the 26 November and 1 December, the written feedback received by post, and the online feedback received on Council’s Have Your Say website.

The project has been placed on hold to ensure that feedback from the community can be considered and further investigations can be undertaken to address some of the key points raised by residents.