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The Policy forms the basis for the management of land contamination within the City of Canterbury-Bankstown and has been made as a policy under the planning guidelines and SEPP 55 in order to implement a contaminated land management framework. It applies to all land in Canterbury-Bankstown.

Previously, both former Councils had an adopted policy governing the management of contaminated land in the respective local government areas. This aligned Contaminated Land Policy enhances these previous policies and practices.

In accordance with planning guidelines, the Policy provides the framework for the integration of land contamination management into Council’s planning and development process, and aims to:

  • ensure that changes of land use, or new development proposals, will not increase the risk to human health or the environment.
  • avoid inappropriate restrictions on land use.
  • provide information to support decision-making and to inform the community.


Public Exhibition of Contaminated Land Policy

The closing date for submission is Tuesday 22 August 2017. You can make a submission by using the online facility here.

Alternatively you can write to: The Interim General Manager, Canterbury-Bankstown Council, PO Box 8, Bankstown NSW 1885.

Where required, a Political Donations and Gift Disclosure Statement must accompany the submission. You can obtain a copy of the statement and guidelines at Council’s Customer Service Centre or the Department of Planning & Environment at

Please note that all submissions received by Council are not confidential and may be made available to the public through the GIPA Act 2009. If you wish to be contacted prior to the release of your submission, please indicate ‘in confidence’ in your submissions.

For any further information please contact Regulatory Services on 9707 9000.

Consultation has concluded