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The Library Services Policy details the framework for Council’s provision of library services to the community and residents of the Canterbury-Bankstown Local Government Area. Council is committed to providing the community with free and equitable access to information in accordance with the Library Act 1939.

This Policy outlines requirements for membership, principles for collection development and management, criteria for donations and bequests, requirements for hiring of Library facilities, restrictions on the use of the Library internet, WIFI and computer networks, disciplinary action and the procedure for dealing with unattended children in the Library.

The exhibition period closes on Tuesday 22 August 2017.


Public Exhibition of Library Services (draft)

The closing date for submission is Tuesday 22 August 2017. You can make a submission by using the online facility here.

Alternatively you can write to: The Interim General Manager, Canterbury-Bankstown Council, PO Box 8, Bankstown NSW 1885.

Where required, a Political Donations and Gift Disclosure Statement must accompany the submission. You can obtain a copy of the statement and guidelines at Council’s Customer Service Centre or the Department of Planning & Environment at link)

Please note that all submissions received by Council are not confidential and may be made available to the public through the GIPA Act 2009. If you wish to be contacted prior to the release of your submission, please indicate ‘in confidence’ in your submissions.

Consultation has concluded