Bankstown's first ten year Community Plan was adopted by Council in February 2011. The Bankstown Community Plan 2021 sets out the goals and long term actions that will be implemented over the next ten years to create the future of Bankstown. Click here to download the plan (warning large file 4.5MB).

You can request a hard copy or a DVD copy of the plan by phoning the City Strategy Unit on 02 9707 9484.

The Community Plan is the result of an extensive community engagement process involving over 2,000 local residents. Council also prepared the Plan in partnership with local businesses, community organisations, government agencies and neighbouring councils.

Mayor of Bankstown, Clr Tania Mihailuk, said "While Council is the key driver of the Community Plan its implementation is the shared responsibility of all stakeholders. The goals and long term actions in the Plan can only be achieved in partnership with the wider Bankstown community. To ensure successful implementation we need the community and other stakeholders to follow Council's lead and use the Community Plan to guide Bankstown's future."

Council will develop a State of the City Report prior to each Council election. This report will outline the city's progress in implementing the Bankstown Community Plan. Council's will also produce an Annual Report to progress made.

As part of the consultation process, seven key City Directions were developed which outline key goals and long term actions. These directions are:

  • Liveable - creating an attractive, sustainable and affordable city.
  • Connected - creating an integrated transport system.
  • Green - managing the environment.
  • Provide - delivering high quality services.
  • Enjoy - creating a vibrant, harmonious active and creative city.
  • Invest - providing employment and learning opportunities.
  • Lead - engaging and leading community.

Does the draft plan reflect community feedback during the consultation?

<p>The draft has been developed in close collaboration with the community and stakeholders.  A lot of time and energy has been put in by community members.</p> <p>The community consultation over the past year has been done to ensure that your concerns and aspirations are reflected in the plan.  Whilst the plan may not address every issue, it is designed to reflect the community's vision.</p> <p>We would like to know if the draft plan reflects <strong>your feedback </strong>and <strong>the feedback you heard from others </strong>during the consultation.</p>

Do you think the beacon ideas could have a large and positive impact on the area?

<p>Council will investigate a range of suggested initiatives that could go beyond the “business as usual” approach to achieving the seven city directions. The following draft list has been developed with input from the community as well as a broad engagement process with council staff. This will be further refined and developed with input from key partners.</p> <ul> <li>Neighbourhood multipurpose facilities </li> <li>Civic and cultural precincts </li> <li>Dining and entertainment areas </li> <li>Bike and pedestrian paths connecting town centres </li> <li>Expand volunteering programs </li> <li>Landmark building in CBD </li> <li>Bankstown city farm </li> <li>Trigeneration energy technology </li> <li>Business-education-council partnerships</li> </ul>

How will you put the community plan into action?

<p>The Bankstown Community Plan can only be delivering with the assistance of regional stakeholders, businesses, and individual community members.  This includes you.</p> <p>We would like to know how you will bring the plan to life.  After all, this plan belongs to the entire Bankstown community, not just the Council.</p>