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The construction of the Fairford Road overpass divided Warren Avenue Bankstown into two separate parts. On the eastern side of the Fairford overpass, Warren Avenue is now a cul-de-sac. Traffic that accesses Warren Avenue from Excellor Street cannot access the businesses located on the eastern side of Fairford Road.

Likewise, only east-bound traffic can access the part of Warren Avenue on the eastern side of Fairford Road and cannot access the businesses in the part of Warren Avenue on the west side of Fairford Road.

Following several requests from concerned businesses, Council is proposing to rename one section of Warren Avenue. After careful consideration, it is proposed that the eastern portion of Warren Avenue, extending from the Fairford Road overpass to Canterbury Road, be renamed in accordance with Council’s Naming Policy and the Geographical Names Board’s (GNB) Guidelines.

Renaming the eastern section is the most practical and expedient solution, and will create the least amount of disruption as it contains fewer properties and businesses.

Following consultation with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Reference Group, it is recommended that the section be renamed as “Bugi Close”.

The Aboriginal name Bugi translated into English means “Bark” and was chosen because of the thin pieces of bark that can be found in the street. Local research also finds that Salt Pan Creek, which is within 100 metres of this section of road on the map, has Castlereagh Ironbark Forest (an ecological threatened species of forest) existing within the catchment area. The word bark is a subset of this, demonstrating a link between the street and the area the street is situated in. Adopting the Aboriginal name Bugi demonstrates a connection to Country and provides an educational link for the community.

Council is seeking community feedback on the proposal.

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Consultation has concluded