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Council invites you to have your say on a revised Planning Proposal to recognise and conserve various properties and areas of local heritage significance in Hurlstone Park.

The draft planning documents on exhibition are:

  • Revised Planning Proposal. Following an initial exhibition of the Planning Proposal in 2017, Council has considered submissions and commissioned an external review. This has resulted in changes to the items to be heritage listed and the proposed Heritage Conservation Areas (HCAs). The revised Planning Proposal (PP_2016_CBANK_003) seeks to:
    • List 35 properties as local heritage items in Hurlstone Park (increased from 29).
    • Identify 6 Heritage Conservation Areas in Hurlstone Park (increased area covered by HCAs, 2 new HCAs proposed and Tennent Parade HCA no longer proceeding).
    • Rezone land in the HCAs from R4 High Density Residential and R3 Medium zoned land to R2 Low Density Residential (except 2–10 Marcia Street).
    • Reduce the maximum building height in the B2 Local Centre zone in the HCAs from 14 metres to 11 metres and 9 metres.
  • Draft Amendments to Canterbury Development Control Plan 2012 (Chapter B8). The proposed changes include new controls that will apply to all heritage items and places of heritage significance in the former Canterbury Council area, including the proposed Heritage Conservation Areas in Hurlstone Park.

Revised Planning Proposal

The documents and other supporting information will be exhibited until Friday 3 April 2020 and due to current health concerns/advice can only be viewed on this page and at the following location:

  • Council’s Customer Service Centre, Bankstown Branch, 66-72 Rickard Road, Bankstown, 8.30am–5pm weekdays.

A list of frequently asked questions with answers to assist owners and residents in understanding the documents on exhibition can be found in the supporting information, along with a copy of the publication by the Heritage Council “Heritage Listing Explained – What It Means For You”.

Council held two community info sessions in Hurlstone Park where you were invited to view and ask questions about the heritage initiatives. The details of these sessions were as follows:

Community Info Sessions

Thank you to all those who have provided their feedback. Submissions are now closed and under review with Council.

Please note that all submissions received by Council are not confidential and may be made available to the public through the GIPA Act 2009.If you wish to be contacted prior to the release of your submission, please indicate ‘in confidence’ in your submission.

Delegation for the making of the local environmental plan arising from the Planning Proposal has been issued to Council.

For any further information please contact Allan Shooter on 02 9707 5472.

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