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Each year Council seeks to improve the safety on our roads by seeking funding from Federal and State Government programs. The projects target those road locations where crashes are occurring or areas with a high crash risk.

Therefore, as part of Council’s 2023/24 Capital Works Program, we are proposing to construct a shared path and a raised pedestrian-bike crossing outside 49 Uranus Road, Revesby.

This proposal

Uranus Road is a Regional Road which carries considerable traffic volume. There is a missing link between the two parks; Montgomery and Virginius on either side of Uranus Road. Separated bike paths are provided within these two parks. The pedestrian refuge island on Uranus Road, 130m away, is not attractive to bike riders or bus commuters.

To make the existing bike routes safer, convenient and attractive, a safer (priority) crossing point on Uranus Road is required. The proposal is to install a raised pedestrian-bike crossing and an off-road bike path on the southern side of Uranus Road to link both parks and facilitate bus commuters as well.

As a part of the proposed design, there will be a loss of three (3) parking spots. One outside of 49 Uranus Rd and two opposite 49 to Uranus Rd along the park side.

This project is in line with Council’s vision of a ‘moving and integrated’ City, whereby we are improving the movement around our City for all users whilst also being a ‘safe and strong’ City.

Consultation Plan

Consultation Plan


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Monday 1 May 2023 - Friday 19 May 2023 5:00PM

    Exhibition Period

    This consultation is open for contributions.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Friday 19 May 2023 5:00PM


    Contributions to this exhibition are closed, reviewed and reported back to the project team.

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    Report to Council

    The proposal was discussed at the Traffic Committee meeting held on 13 June 2023 and was not approved by the committee. See Traffic Committee Minutes, Item 15.

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