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Council is required to review ward boundaries prior to the 2020 local government elections in accordance with advice received from the NSW Electoral Commission.

This proposal is to alter the ward boundary between the Bankstown and Roselands wards (if adopted) will provide the following key benefits:

  • It will align part of the ward boundary with Punchbowl Road (a major arterial road), effectively restoring the boundary to that of the former Canterbury Council area which will assist/reduce confusion for residents around the area;
  • It will have minimal effect on the number of electors in each ward; electors in Roselands Ward will increase by 89 with a corresponding decrease in electors in Bankstown Ward; and
  • It will not affect the current variation of electors in each Ward.

This proposal is to alter the ward boundary between Bankstown and Roselands wards at two points being:

  1. Punchbowl Road, Wiggs Road and McLaughlin Oval; and
  2. Punchbowl Road, Urunga Parade and The Boulevarde.

Exhibition Period

The exhibition period for the Ward Boundary Alteration Proposal 2019 was for 9 October to 6 November 2019; Council will accept submissions to 5pm on Wednesday 20 November 2019. You can view the Council report here.

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Thank you to all those who have provided their feedback. Submissions are now closed and under review with Council.

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If you would like to discuss the Ward Boundary Alteration Proposal 2019, call Council’s Engagement Team on 9707 5467.


Ward Boundary Alteration Proposal 2019

Consultation has concluded