Council resolved at its Ordinary Council Meeting on 24 August 2021 to not support the Planning Proposal for this site. The developer, Mirvac Residential (NSW) Development Pty Ltd submitted a Rezoning Review with the Department of Planning and Environment (the Department), and on 1 June 2022 a Gateway determination was issued by the Department which endorsed the proposal and its exhibition to proceed.

Although Council is no longer the decision maker for this Planning Proposal, at the meeting held on 23 August 2022, Council resolved to finalise a draft Planning Agreement and prepare a site specific DCP and to exhibit both draft documents concurrently with the Planning Proposal.

The intended outcomes of the draft Planning Agreement are to deliver the following public infrastructure and public benefits associated with the Planning Proposal, as resolved at the August 2022 Council Meeting:

  • Dedication of 14,400m2 of land as RE1 Public Recreation Zoned land
  • Construction and dedication of local roads incl. shared cycleway and 668m2 SP2 Zoned stormwater detention drainage land
  • Open space embellishment within the site (valued $1.5 million)
  • Milperra Reserve embellishment (valued $1.04 million)
  • Discussions with Mount St Josephs College for shared use of playgrounds
  • Repair and renovate Milperra Community Centre (valued $393,000)
  • Affordable housing contribution (monetary contribution of $5.3 million)
  • Undergrounding powerlines along Ashford Avenue being added, subject to any relevant Ausgrid approval
  • Construction of a footpath and landscaping along the eastern side of Ashford Avenue being added
  • The applicant contribution toward cycleway connection to Panania Station to promote the use active and public transport for future residents and the broader Milperra community

The Council Meeting report and Minutes can be accessed here.

This proposal

Exhibition of a draft Development Control Plan and draft Planning Agreement (Canterbury Bankstown Council)

The draft Development Control Plan will provide detailed planning objectives and development controls to guide the future development on the site to ensure good planning and design outcomes, and minimise environmental impacts on the surrounding area.

The draft Planning Agreement has yet to be finalised and Council will continue to hold discussions with the proponent regarding the final details to be contained in the draft Planning Agreement. In accordance with the Council’s Community Participation Plan, the draft Planning Agreement will be made available for comment for 28 days. The public will have an opportunity to comment on the final version of the draft Planning Agreement when it is published on this website.

Exhibition of the Planning Proposal (Department of Planning)

The Department of Planning and Environment is responsible for the exhibition of the Planning Proposal. Submissions to the planning proposal must be made directly to the Department via the following website:

Council is responsible for the exhibition of the draft Planning Agreement and draft Development Control Plan. Following the public exhibition of these draft documents, a report will be considered at a Council meeting that summarises and addresses the submissions received by Council during the exhibition period, provides recommendations on any amendments to the documents and whether Council should adopt the draft DCP and execute the draft Planning Agreement.

The draft DCP and Planning Agreement will only come into effect for the land should the Minister for Planning and Homes decide to approve the Planning Proposal and the changes are made to Council’s Bankstown LEP 2015.