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Why are we doing this project?

Over the coming 20 years, the Bankstown CBD is planned to double the amount of jobs, students and residents, which will put more demand on our streets and transport network. At the same time we need to address existing issues in the CBD such as safety, high car use, time delays, difficulties accessing parking, inefficient use of land, areas with poor amenity and the overall image of Bankstown.

To support this transformation and address the key issues, Council needs an integrated transport and streetscape plan to ensure the city center is both an accessible and appealing destination.

What are ‘Complete Streets’?

Complete Streets’ is an approach that combines smart transport planning with good design to create an attractive destination. This approach:

  • Designs for all ages, backgrounds and abilities
  • Designs for all modes (walking, cycling, public transport and vehicles)
  • Designs for all functions including transport, shopping and outdoor dining
  • Prioritises people first

Bankstown Complete Streets will be the master plan to guide street and transport upgrades in Bankstown CBD. If adopted, the concepts and recommendations would be rolled out progressively over the next 15-20 years.

Importantly, there would be further detailed design and community consultation for each street prior to any works or changes being implemented.

The Vision

Bankstown CBD is a desirable destination to live, work and visit, famous for its cultural diversity and walkable streets bustling with life. Whether by foot, bike, bus, train or car it is easy to get into and around the city centre safely and conveniently. Bankstown is a leader in smart design and is a celebrated example of town centre transformation that has retained its distinctive qualities.

What we hope to achieve

  • Slower safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists
  • Better access and wayfinding to key destinations and parking
  • A more attractive CBD with high quality footpaths, furniture and landscaping
  • Benefit to businesses with more pedestrian activity and improved city image
  • A greener CBD with more trees and shade, cooler streets and reduced carbon emissions
  • Healthier community with more active transport, reduced obesity and improved mental health

Click and scroll to see a 360 view of the proposed artist impression for Fetherstone Street.

Learn more about the future of Bankstown CBD by clicking the interactive map and view photos of existing and proposed individual streets.

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Complete Streets Survey

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How can I be involved?

You are invited to provide preliminary input to the project by completing an online survey - see below.

This survey is now open and closes at 5pm on Friday 16 March 2018.

Please also note we will also be meeting with key government agencies and stakeholders (e.g. businesses, schools and organisations) to gain further input and later in 2018, we will shall seek further feedback from the community on the draft Complete Streets report.

Consultation has concluded.