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CBCity has prepared a draft resilience strategy to ensure the City is able to survive, adapt and thrive, no matter what challenges we face today and in the future as our diverse community grows and changes.

Resilient cities are able to prepare, recover and adapt to shocks and stressors. Acute shocks are sudden, sharp events such as heatwaves, floods, bushfires, disease outbreaks and cyber-attacks; stressors are longer-term, chronic trends that make it harder for people to cope during emergencies, such as financial and/or housing pressures, lack of transport options and social isolation.

In 2021, initial community and stakeholder engagement was conducted to help inform the development of the draft strategy. The consultation was hosted during COVID19 lockdown, which meant that many activities were delivered remotely and the challenges associated with the pandemic were “front of mind”. Even considering these conditions, participants identified many strengths linked to the City’s cultural diversity, local networks and community organisations. The full findings can be viewed through the Resilience Strategy Community Engagement Report below. Outcomes of consultation with Council’s internal staff can be viewed in the Resilience Strategy Staff Engagement Report below.

At the 28 February 2023 Ordinary Meeting, Council authorised the exhibition of the draft resilience strategy and, we invite you to review it (and its supporting documents) and, provide feedback.

This project

The Resilient CBCity Strategy aims to ensure that our City can withstand and recover from a range of acute shocks and chronic stresses, so that no one in our community is left behind and, recognises our current responsibility to the future generations of Canterbury Bankstown.

The strategy includes five (5) Directions to strengthen resilience, tailored to the local challenges that our City faces. These directions align with the Resilient Sydney Strategy 2018 which was developed in collaboration with the NSW Government, councils, businesses and the community within the Metropolitan Sydney area. Council is a Resilient Sydney Ambassador and through the development of the Resilient CBCity Strategy, we remain committed to strengthening the resilience of Greater Sydney.

The 5 Directions of the Resilient CBCity Strategy are:

People are connected to where they live and are able to access transport, affordable housing, education, and employment opportunities.

People have access to clean air and water, natural environments and adaptive technology throughout the city for climate comfort and safety, health, and city connections.

People have equal access to engage in society, the economy, and all the City has to offer.

Understand the risks we face and how to work together to respond, recover and build our capacity to cope, now and in the future.

Key governing organisations pledge to build their capacity and cooperate to understand and manage shocks for everyone.

Have your say

Review the Resilient CBCity Strategy and provide your feedback here.

Life cycle

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Monday 14 June 2021 – Thursday 9 September 2021

    Initial Community Consultation

    Initial community consultation conducted to help inform the development of the strategy.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Development and review

    Development of the strategy. Exhibition of the draft strategy for review and feedback.

  • Timeline item 3 - active

    Tuesday 14 March 2023 - Sunday 16 April 2023

    Exhibition Period

    Exhibition of the final strategy is open for contributions.

  • Timeline item 4 - incomplete

    Sunday 16 April 2023 05:00 pm


    Contributions to this exhibition are closed, reviewed and reported back to the project team.

Who's listening

If you have questions or want to learn more about the project, please email us or contact the Council officers listed below.

In writing

By post to Mr Matthew Stewart, CEO, City of Canterbury Bankstown PO Box 8, Bankstown NSW 1885

Stacey Atkinson

Stacey Atkinson

Environmental Projects Officer – Sustainability

City of Canterbury Bankstown

Phone: 9707 9012

Graham Humphrys

Graham Humphrys

Community Engagement Officer

City of Canterbury Bankstown

Phone: 9707 9602

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