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Over the coming 20 years, the number of jobs, students and residents in Bankstown CBD is expected to double, putting more demand on our parks, streets and cultural facilities – including Paul Keating Park.

Council has prepared a master plan to create a vision for Paul Keating Park and guide its development as Bankstown’s premier shared public space over the next 20 years.

The master plan is a high-level document that will inform future public domain capital works. It aims to improve on what’s currently working, and incorporates community insights to create a welcoming, diverse and inclusive space for all.

What you told us

In 2019 Council spoke with hundreds of Bankstown locals and visitors to shape a vision for the future of Paul Keating Park.

You told us that the future park should be:

  • ‘Safe and social’ with a welcoming feel and improved safety, better toilet facilities and parents’ rooms.
  • ‘Pleasant and peaceful’ with enhanced shaded areas, better seating and opportunities to get together.
  • ‘Playful and creative’ with better and more inclusive play equipment, water features and water play areas.
  • ‘Inclusive and connected’ with better entertainment and opportunities for events, more coffee and food options, in a space that’s easy to move around.

We've used these aspirations to create an exciting 20-year master plan for the park so it can evolve with our City.


Proposing 7 key design moves

The proposed Paul Keating Park master plan acknowledges the park’s role as a community anchor that supports active uses and activities, while remaining a green heart. The master plan proposes seven key design moves that support this goal, and the aspirations of the community. Each of the seven key design moves are displayed on this page, and you can read more detail in the detailed Proposed Paul Keating Park Master Plan.

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