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Council has received and endorsed for the purposes of public exhibition, a draft Planning Agreement for 74 Rickard Road, Bankstown (Western Sydney University Bankstown Campus), related to the planning proposal and State Significant Development Application SSD-9831 for the site.

What is proposed?

Western Sydney University, through their development partner Walker Corporation, have submitted a draft planning agreement.

The draft Planning Agreement proposes:

  • Stormwater infrastructure upgrade works contribution of $2 million;
  • Public domain contribution including works along Appian Way to a value of $2.6 million and a Council contribution of $1.5 million ($4.1 million total); unless otherwise agreed. This value of works may be subject to change with the agreement of Council; and
  • Car parking contributions in lieu of a portion of parking spaces (50) in the State Significant Development Application (approximately $1,797,418 subject to indexation).

The following documents are available for inspection:

  • Copy of the draft Planning Agreement and accompanying attachments
  • Copy of the Explanatory Notes
  • Copy of the Council report and minutes

How to have your say

You are invited to have your say by completing an online submission. If you have questions or want to learn more about the project, please contact the Council officers listed on this page. You can have your say on the draft planning agreement by:

Name Shona Porter
Phone 9707 5592
In writing

By post to Mr Matthew Stewart, General Manager, City of Canterbury Bankstown PO Box 8, Bankstown NSW 1885