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Consultation has concluded

Planning Agreement

Council invites you to have your say on a draft Planning Agreement and draft Explanatory Note for the site at 445 Canterbury Road, Campsie in connection with a Planning Proposal (PP-2022-1169) to amend the Council’s Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan to facilitate a new hospital development on the site.

What is on exhibition?

The draft Planning Agreement and draft Explanatory Note identify the material public benefits comprising monetary contributions, land dedication and public infrastructure works arising from the Planning Proposal and the mechanisms for delivery of these commitments by the proponent.

The draft Planning Agreement includes delivery of several public benefits, including:

  • A publicly accessible 205m² pocket park;
  • A new 9m wide public lane along the rear of the site;
  • A new pedestrian through site link from Canterbury Road;
  • The dedication of 3.5m of land along the site frontage to Canterbury Road;
  • The payment of monetary contributions for cycleways and public open space;
  • The construction of pedestrian crossings and bus stops; and
  • The provision of on-site public art.

Planning Proposal


Council invites you to have your say on a Planning Proposal to amend the current Canterbury Local Environmental Plan (LEP) (2012) and the subsequent Draft Consolidated Canterbury Bankstown Local Environmental Plan (Draft CBLEP) (2021).

This proposal

The intended outcomes this proposal is seeking is to amend the current LEP and the subsequent Draft CBLEP to increase the maximum building height control of the site from 12m to 45.5m, and introduce a maximum Floor Space Ratio (FSR) of 5.1:1. The proposal seeks to provide a site specific framework that enables the redevelopment of the site for a private hospital, providing a range of high-quality medical care including inpatient and outpatient services.

The amendments to planning controls are summarised as follows:

  • Permit a maximum building height of part 45.5 metres, excluding the land that is not for the purposes of a hospital on the subject site.
  • Permit a maximum FSR of up to 5.1:1, excluding the land that is not for the purposes of a hospital on the subject site.

Council has also resolved to prepare amendments to the Canterbury Development Control Plan 2012, Canterbury Bankstown DCP 2021 and a draft Planning Agreement, including an explanatory note to deliver infrastructure needs arising from the Planning Proposal applying to 445 Canterbury Road, Campsie.

The Minister for Planning has not delegated the making of this Plan to Council.

Latest updates


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Exhibition of the Planning Proposal

    21 September 2022 - 25 November 2022: Community consultation on the planning proposal.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Wednesday 29 March 2023 - Monday 1st May 2023

    Exhibition Period

    Consultation for the Planning Agreement and Explanatory Note is open for contributions.

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Monday 1st May 2023 05:00 pm


    Contributions to this exhibition are closed, reviewed and reported back to the project team.

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    Report to Council

    1. The Proposal with a summary of the community feedback received over this exhibition period is considered by Council.

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