Thurina Park Community Centre Concept Designs

24 March 2021

A Place of Inclusion

The City of Canterbury Bankstown is currently designing a new community centre for the people of Villawood in Thurina Park. The community centre has the opportunity to offer many benefits to the existing users of the park while also attracting new members of the community. Villawood is a culturally diverse suburb and represents Australia’s unique position as an inclusive multicultural society. The new Thurina Park Community Centre in Villawood represents a significant opportunity to create spaces that have public and cultural relevance beyond a simple community building.

Educational, sustainable, all ages all cultures, active, safe, community service, inclusive & accessible, creative, flexible & adaptable

Where will the community centre be?

The centre will be located in Thurina Park, Villawood. The park is in a suburban context of one to two storey houses that face the park along Alcoomie and Lowana Streets. The community centre will enhance people's experience when visiting the park.

Before: Thurina Park before After: Thurina Park after

Use the slider above to see a before and after of the location.

What will the community centre be like?

The new community centre sits within the existing path network of Thurina Park. More paths will be added around the community centre. There will be a new community courtyard which will be a secure welcoming space for the community. The section of key new native trees and planting provide an opportunity for the community to provide input on the final design of this space.

The proposed community centre will be made up of 3 buildings with a courtyard in the middle. The buildings will be:

  1. Large community room seating up to 180 people with kitchen facilities
  2. Small community room seating up to 50 people with access to kitchen facilities
  3. Small meeting room for 50 people or not for profit tenancy with access to kitchen facilities and toilets for the centre.

These buildings will surround a new partly covered courtyard which will be for exclusive use of community centre users. It will be planted with a selection of native and bush tucker plants. The spaces will be available for hire by the community.

It is proposed that parking for the centre will be shared with the existing sports fields parking.

Thurina Park aerial map


360 degree view

Explore the virtual view of the courtyard below. For an even better impression of what the space will look like, enable the Virtual Reality mode while on a mobile device.

To see a scaled model of the community centre in person, come visit us at the community information session to be held at opposite the front entrance to Villawood East Public School on 19 April, 2:30-4:30pm and at Thurina Park on 24 April, 10am-12pm.