Consultation has concluded


Council is proposing to design a new community centre in Thurina Park, Villawood. With your help the community centre’s design and uses will reflect the community’s character and diversity.

The project shall provide the Villawood community with a 550m² new multipurpose community centre. The community centre will include community rooms, toilet facilities, kitchen, and equipment/furniture storage. The new centre will cater to a diverse range of activities and be a dynamic community space.

Before we start planning and designing an exciting future for the new Thurina Park Community Centre, we want to hear your ideas for how you want to use the centre. Council would like feedback on:

  • Who might like to use the centre
  • What activities the centre could be used for
  • Things the centre could have

This feedback will then be taken into consideration on the design of the community centre at Thurina Park, Villawood. We want the area to be proud of the Community Centre and with your input enhance this important community facility and make it a dynamic community space.

Thurina Community Centre Proposed Site

Community Feedback

Thank you for your ideas. Submissions are now closed. All feedback and comments received will be reviewed and considered by Council.