In 2019, Council released Connective City 2036, which establishes a single strategic planning vision for the Canterbury Bankstown Local Government Area, and will guide any changes to our planning framework.

This vision is about sustainably growing our City, protecting environmental values, delivering housing for our next generations and maximising employment opportunities.

The next step is to produce a single set of planning rules for our City based on the vision that was set by Connective City 2036. This is the Consolidated Local Environmental Plan, which combines and aligns planning rules of the former Bankstown and Canterbury Councils.

A planning proposal was endorsed by the Canterbury Bankstown Local Planning Panel to progress to exhibition on 6 March 2020. The planning proposal and supporting technical studies are now on public exhibition for comment and feedback.

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If you have any enquiries, please contact Council on 9707 9543 or fill out the callback form to speak with a subject matter expert. Council is now seeking your feedback on the draft consolidated LEP and supporting studies. You can have your say by:

  • Completing the online submission below
  • Emailing: or
  • By post to General Manager, City of Canterbury Bankstown - Attn: Community Engagement, PO Box 8, Bankstown NSW 1885

The draft documents can be viewed on this page and at:

  • Council’s Customer Service Centre, Bankstown Branch, 66-72 Rickard Road, Bankstown, 8.30am–5pm weekdays

Please note all submissions received by Council are not confidential and may be made available to the public through the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. If you wish to be contacted prior to the release of your submission, please indicate whether your submission is made ‘in confidence’.

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