On 23 March 2021, the City of Canterbury Bankstown endorsed the #RacismNotWelcome campaign. This campaign was developed by the Inner West Multicultural Network with objectives to create:

  • A City where racism is not welcome;
  • A place with strong social cohesion where racism is called out;
  • A place where people feel a sense of belonging and are equal;
  • A place where decision making is shared, and diversity is valued and celebrated; and
  • A community united in standing against racism by embracing, engaging and participating in the campaign.


The campaign will be implemented in CBCity through banners. More broadly, it has been endorsed by the Australian Local Government Association’s National General Assembly, which voted to unanimously support the campaign.

Multifaith group at prayers for peace

Declaration of Commitment

The strength and character of Canterbury-Bankstown lies in being a melting pot of cultures. Among our City’s population of 380,000 people are more than 170 different cultural backgrounds that speak more than 200 languages.

There is no place for racism in the community and we are making that very clear. Our community is one that celebrates the rich diversity and multiculturalism of our people. It’s a community where every citizen has the right to be who they are, speak their language, practice their faith and freely express themselves without any fear of discrimination.

Racism, whether systemic or personal, inflicts harm and limits opportunities for individuals and communities.

Wall of Pledges

Fatmata Parkinson and Vi Pham

Fatmata Parkinson and Vi Pham

Unite with us and take a stand against racism. Join the likes of Fatmata Parkinson and Vi Pham (pictured), who live in our City, and express your support for the #RacismNotWelcome campaign.

Tell us what you love about our multicultural community by leaving us a note on our Wall of Pledges below.

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6 December, 2023

Darrenpb says:

If the council was serious about preventing racism they would take apolitical view on the current middle east crisis

3 April, 2022

ThuanTony says:

Let's also make a beautiful and peaceful community with love and care where race discrimination would not grow and foster anymore!

16 January, 2022

Deng Garang says:

i would like to participate in Autism Awareness

1 December, 2021

Barti Morgan says:

Our communities reflect the beauty of our gardens, full of different varieties and colours. It is our place for peace and joy and creation.

25 November, 2021

Fatmata says:

Racism, discrimination, vilification, segregation occurs mostly passively. Coming from a minority, I see it, hear it and feel it.Thinkb4uact

14 November, 2021

Sagri says:

Migrating to Sydney in 2017, the community of Canterbury-Bankstown provides the sense of belongingness in Australia. Kudos to everyone.

25 October, 2021

JOhn says:

"God has made of one blood all the nations of the earth."

7 October, 2021

marietz16 says:

Unity through diversity. We are one and we are many. Marie Tz

6 October, 2021

magiju73 says:

Let's celebrate our diversity, regardless of who we are. Be that change you want to see in the world "Mahatma Gandhi"

21 September, 2021

Eleanor says:

We are so fortunate to live in of the most culturally diverse communities in the world. This enriches all our lives everyday.

15 September, 2021

Eddie A says:

We are united in our humanity and beautiful in our diversity

15 September, 2021

GabrielE says:

We are a deeply diverse community, but it's in the harmonising of all those differences that truly sets us apart from any other collective.

Together we can prevent racism and help everyone thrive and belong in our City!