Consultation has concluded

The City of Canterbury Bankstown has prepared a draft masterplan for Salt Pan Creek Reserve, Whitmarsh Reserve and McLaughlin Fields, Riverwood.

The primary purpose of this long term masterplan is to guide tip closure actions in the near future and establish a long-term vision for future recreation opportunities for the site.

The purpose of this public exhibition period is to work closely with our community and refine this draft masterplan. We also want to hear how you use the three reserves and how you think they can be improved in the future.

Salt Pan Creek Reserve is a vast open space area, with great potential for future recreational, social and cultural spaces for the community. Whitmarsh Reserve offers considerable potential for environmental initiatives and McLaughlin Fields is currently used for organised sport.

The residential areas around Salt Pan Creek are growing and this presents an opportunity for Council to work with the community to improve these spaces.

Salt Pan Creek Reserve, Whitmarsh Reserve and McLaughlin Fields are shown in the image and are located on either side of the M5 Motorway at Riverwood.

The Exhibition Period

The exhibition period for the draft Salt Pan Creek Reserve masterplan commenced on 10 September 2018 and closed on 10 October 2018.

Over this period a series of community information pop-ups were hosted at Riverwood Community Centre (2), Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre (1) and Riverwood Wetlands (1); thank you to everyone who came along to these sessions and shared their thoughts and ideas for future improvements to Salt Pan Creek Reserve, Whitmarsh Reserve and McLaughlin Fields.

This exhibition has now closed and submissions received over the exhibition period are currently being reviewed.

If you have any questions about this project please contact Council's Community Engagement team on 9707 9602.


The City of Canterbury Bankstown and the project team for the Salt Pan Creek Masterplan want your thoughts and comments about the draft masterplan.